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Is there a tooth fairy in New Zealand?

sunny 69 °F

Today I have big news: I lost my tooth!

I wonder if the tooth fairy will give me New Zealand money or American money? I'll let you know tomorrow.

For dinner I ate fish and chips and a donut. I noticed on my chocolate milk box that flavor and color are spelled differently.
Color: colour
Flavor: flavour

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Exploring Auckland

sunny 72 °F

We went to top of a mountain in Auckland and saw an island with a volcano.

In the afternoon we went to a museum with a lot of canoes and sailboats.

My favorite part of the museum was in the kids area where I went fishing!

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rain 68 °F

Today we went to the Auckland Aquarium. We rode on a moving walkway through a fish tank. Stingrays and sharks swam around us.

Then we walked around the city. Look at the shop that we found!

We had pizza and ginger beer for dinner.

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sunny 76 °F

Today we took a bus tour to the north tip of New Zealand.

First we saw some huge Kauri trees. They can live for 4000 years!

This is Cape Reinga where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean.

Then we went sand-boarding down the huge sand dunes! It was fun!

Finally we drove the bus on a beach that is a highway!

Don't forget to check out my brother Henry's birding blog, which has some AWESOME photos of birds:


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The Maori

sunny 72 °F

The first people that lived in New Zealand were called the Maori. We saw a show at the Treaty Grounds. After the show, one of the performers posed with my mom and me.

My brother took this picture of me in front of a huge tree.

Here is a quail playing on the swing!

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