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Dolphin cruise

sunny 82 °F

Today I went on a full-day dolphin cruise.

Here's some video that I took while we were cruising around the Bay of Islands.

I saw a lighthouse up high on a hill.

Then we saw a huge pod of bottle-nose dolphins!

  • all photos and video taken by Pearl

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Searching for animals

sunny 78 °F

Today I went on a hike at Wairere Boulders. They had a fun game for kids. We had to look for rocks and wood that looked like animals. Here I found a crocodile!

After the hike, we ate lunch, then I had a popsicle on a bench by a ferry landing. We saw the ferry come in.

I have some questions for my friends:
Is it snowy out today?
Are you having fun in school?

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sunny 72 °F

Today we went to a beach that had a huge frame for taking photos.

Mommy and I walked on the beach at low tide and saw clams and crabs. We saw a lot of birds too.

When we got back to our motel, look at what I found walking on the wall!

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New Zealand!

sunny 78 °F

Hi everybody!

We made it to New Zealand! My 2 airplane flights lasted 17 hours. Luckily I had lots of snacks and cartoons to watch. My favorite part of the kids' meal was the Jello.

It is summer here! Today I went swimming and played outside. At a beach I collected shells.

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semi-overcast 87 °F

Today I went on a boat ride and our captain was named Michael.


We took a boat to a lunch place. Afterwards we went snorkeling. I was so happy. I saw tiger fish, brain coral, sea urchins (lots and lots), and two sea cucumbers. I jumped off the front of the boat and went swimming!


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