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From the mountains to the sea

sunny 85 °F

Today I rode a bus, and the trip was 4 hours long. We went from the mountains to the Caribbean Sea.
Seen from our bus:

We went on two boat rides to an island off the coast of Panama.

We are staying in a beach house. Right away we went swimming in the salt water. We saw sea urchins, star fish, coral, and a fish that looked like Dory.

Here is where I'm doing my schoolwork this week!

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Final day in the mountains

sunny 80 °F

Hi Mrs. Druckmiller and the kids from Room 106!

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. The flight to Panama was 5 hours long. During the flight I drew pictures, read Eve of the Emperor Penguin which was from Magic Treehouse, and watched the movie "Babe."

2. We didn't travel by boat through the canal, but we watched boats go through the canal. The ships have to pass through 3 sets of locks. It takes a ship 8-10 hours to pass through the entire canal. But that's a whole lot less time than sailing around the tip of South America!

3. Besides birds, like toucans and parrots, so far I have seen howler monkeys, coati, agouti, and a humongous beetle on our patio. Eeeeeewww.

My brother took this photo of a toucan

Henry also took this photo of a howler monkey

The coati looks like a raccoon, badger, and a monkey

The agouti looks like a HUGE rat that stands on its back legs.

Today my mom and I visited a garden with a mini-swinging bridge, while my dad and brother Henry went bird watching.

Here's a photo of my room that I share with Henry. My parents told me not to jump between the beds.

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I am a monkey

sunny 70 °F

Today I went zip lining. I had my own guide who gave me a taxi ride. I had my own gear--a hard hat and a harness with a lot of straps and buckles. I was brave and zip lined ahead of everyone else. I saw big waterfalls from high in the air.


I walked across a shaky bridge and from the bridge I saw a waterfall.

I miss you guys. Good-bye!

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rain 65 °F

Today we celebrated Panama Independence Day! At the parade we saw lots of marching bands, dancers, and some motorcycle riders who performed stunts. My dad bought me some M&M's.

Later we hiked through a real rainforest.

On the way back we saw a beautiful rainbow!

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176 Stairs

semi-overcast 92 °F

That's how many steps it took to climb to the top of the canopy tower at the Rainforest Discovery Center. When we reached the top, we were just above the treetops and saw birds like toucans and parrots.
At the top of the bird observation tower

At the top of the bird observation tower

I took lots of pictures of hummingbirds back at the Center.
Our junior birder

Our junior birder

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